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With their positive message, uplifting melodies and a unique refreshing approach to Reggae, this San Francisco-based band represents a new generation of Reggae and World music.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel with Greek and Iraqi roots, Lior Ben-Hur has traveled to over a dozen countries where he spent time learning, performing and sharing experiences with musicians and artists around the globe.

Since 2004, Lior has made his home in San Francisco, CA. He formed this band in 2011, which in 2012 released an eclectic World music album under the name Sol Tevél. The album sheds new light with contemporary interpretations of old Jewish texts, ideals and mysticism.

Along with his 8-piece band, Lior Ben-Hur continues to focus on his passion for Reggae music, which has been a key inspiration on his musical creativity and spirituality. In June 2015, the band released their self-titled Reggae EP, and have since shared the stage with legendary Roots Reggae artists such as; Stephen Marley, Black Uhuru, Tarrus Riley, Groundation, Richie Spice, Israel Vibration and Don Carlos.

In February 2017, Lior Ben-Hur and his San Francisco-based band, Sol Tevél, released a full-length album titled, So I Wander. Following the album’s release, it debuted at #14 on Billboard charts for Top Reggae Albums.

Produced by Marcus Urani (of Groundation), So I Wander  features leading artists such as; Kumar Bent (of Raging Fyah), Jah Levi, Yossi Fine, Iraqi-Israeli world music expert Yair Dalal, and Palestinian rapper, Saz. The album reveals Lior Ben-Hur deep passion for Reggae, and demonstrates the band’s ability to perform high-energy roots music.


Tour Dates

lior Ben-Hur Tour Dates


Past Shows

6/10/17      The Cornerstone | Berkeley, CA
6/3/17        Mesa Theater | Grant Junction, CO
6/2/17        Ice Hause | Murray, Utah
6/1/17        Funk n’ Dive |Ogden, Utah
5/26/17      The Independent | San Francisco , CA
4/1/17        Ashkenaz (with Prezident Brown) | Berkeley, CA
3/25/17      Temple Kol Sherith Israel |
Panama City, Panama
3/8/17        Banana Beach | Montezuma, Costa Rica
2/17/17      Sweetwater Music Hall (with Israel Vibration)| 
Mill Valley , CA
2/12/17      Moe’s Alley (with Israel Vibration)| 
Santa Cruz , CA
1/5/17        Doc’s Lab | San Francisco , CA
10/22/16    Coastal Roots Farm | Encinitas, CA
8/29/15      The Independent (with Black Uhuru) | San Francisco , CA

7/29/16      Moe’s Alley (with Richie Spice) |
 Santa Cruz, CA
6/26/16      Silicon Valley Jewish Music Festival | Los Gatos, CA
4/20/16      Barby (with Anna RF) | Tel Aviv, Israel
4/15/16      Pico Union Project | Los Angeles, CA
4/5/16        Elbo Room | San Francisco, CA
3/18/16      Elbo Room |
 San Francisco, CA
9/12/15      Sierra Navada Lodge | Calpine, CA

9/6/15        Hopmonk | Novato, CA
8/29/15      The Independent (with Black Uhuru) | San Francisco , CA
8/28/15      Hopmonk | Sebastopol, CA
8/22/15      Moe’s Alley (with Don Carlos)| Santa Cruz, CA
8/1/15        Reggae On The River Festival | Garberville, CA

6/18/15      Brick & Mortar (with Gentelman’s Dub Club) | San Francisco, CA
5/31/15      San Jose City Hall | San Jose, CA
5/23/15      Carnaval San Francisco Festival | San Francisco, CA
3/20/15      Elbo Room | San Francisco, CA
2/18/15      The Independent (with Groundation) | San Francisco, CA
10/10/14    Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA
8/15/14      Valley Cultural Center | Woodlands Hills, CA
6/25/14      Brick & Mortar (with Zvuloon Dub System) | San Francisco, CA
6/6/14        Boom Boom Room | San Francisco, CA
5/25/14      Carnaval Festival San Francisco | San Francisco, CA
5/8/14        San Francisco State University | San Francisco, CA
5/6/14        Justin Herman Plaza | San Francisco, CA
5/4/14        Sacramento Jewish heritage Festival | Sacramento, CA
2/8/14        Boom Boom Room | San Francisco, CA
12/10/13    Amnesia | San Francisco, CA
9/28/13      Red Poppy Art House | San Francisco, CA
4/25/13      San Francisco State University | San Francisco, CA
4/16/13      Brick & Mortar Music Hall | San Francisco, CA
3/28/13      Ashkenaz Music & Dance Center | Berkeley, CA
3/30/13      Awaken Cafe | Oakland, CA
2/8/13        Elbo Room | San Francisco, CA
1/12/13      United Congregation of Israelites | Kingston, Jamaica
9/16/12      SF Digital Film School | San Francisco, CA
6/8/12        Fort Mason Center | San Francisco, CA
4/26/12      Jewish Community Center SF | San Francisco, CA 

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